Tidy Times

I’ll race while Fern’s still sleeping.  How many thoughts can I type while the baby still naps?

The house is clean, I can breathe again. There is a wad of laundry to fold, the carpet needs a vacuum.  I could probably tidy up the bathroom a bit more, I think there are still some dishes in the sink. Ollie’s room has some blocks that need to be put away, my bed is not made. But the house is clean, and I can begin a quick unwind while my littlest youngin naps.

The kingdom is in a state of rest. It does not look as if the land has been at war.  There are a few casualties of the house, but none that require so urgent a care and need to be tended.

I am at quite a loss of what to think.

Perhaps I should play the guitar.  Did I tell you I play music? Maybe I should go write a song now.

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