About Hackjob Hearts

I was born in 1978 to an English teacher and a Methodist preacher/religion, philosophy, & ethics professor.   I was the “blessed surprise” born eight years after the youngest of my three brothers.  My name is Suzanne. I grew up in the American dream type of family. Good, smart kids.  Loving, caring, moral and model parents.

I am the beloved black sheep of the family, taking my own way through life.  Making lots of a bad decisions, having terrible taste in men, maintaining a friendly and open heart. I am sometimes shy, sometimes quiet.  My favorite things are my kids and my music and talking in accents.

I’ve given up on love.  I’ve half way given up on dreams.

I keep waiting for my life to go as I think it should. So far it has not.  Life is hills to climb.

I’ve started this blog as a motivational tool to do a few of the things I do best.  Think quietly and write.  Hopefully that’s how one makes rainbows. We’ll see.

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